Takefumi Hori: The Geometry of Gold and Silver


Circles. We see these shapes every day.

But, do we see the simplistic beauty and visual artistry they attain? 

Artist Takefumi Hori does.

Japanese artist Takefumi Hori takes basic geometry, and with the aid of bright color and metal leafing, transforms such shapes into staggering work of art. Inspired by his life in Brooklyn, Hori’s work derives from the juxtaposition of the wealth culture of New York with the clean lines of basic shapes.

Known for not wanting to be recognized or photographed with his art, Hori’s humble and quiet mastery makes his work that much more appealing. He allows his work to take center stage with its dynamic circle structure and compartmentalized design.


Takefumi Hori achieves these vivid and intricate paintings by working on several of them at a time in his studio. He carefully and intentionally layers acrylic paint, metal leafing, and even some oil pastel onto his canvases to slowly bring life to each and every artwork. With a closer look at his work, you’ll see minute details as well as subtle mark-making in which his work takes on a story of its own. You’ll find scribbles, scratches, and smudges woven throughout layers and layers of metallic surfaces representing the reflective vibrancy of big city energy. 

Takefumi Hori - Circle 157

Circle No. 157

Acrylic, Silver and Gold Leaf &

Mixed Media on Canvas

Takefumi Hori - Circle 163

Circle No. 163 

Acrylic, Silver and Gold Leaf & 

Mixed Media on Canvas

Takefumi Hori - Silver 28

Silver No. 28 

Acrylic, Silver and Gold Leaf & 

Mixed Media on Canvas

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