Sheryl Daane Chesnut: Natural Phenomena



Growing up, Sheryl Daane Chesnut bounced around from Seattle to Marblehead to the Bay Area and finally to California. Though not focused on these different landscapes her work has a movement akin to that of the environment, "I find beauty in the details and random patterning in nature" notes Chesnut. 

The innate ebb and flow of her life are present in her translation of skills. Chesnut first began as a graphic and product designer winning acclaim both nationally and internationally. What she learned as a designer is integrated into her works through color and style.  

I strive to create work that is ephemeral and evocative, to embrace the fragility of the earth's current state, and to help bring that beauty into spaces where we live and work.

             Sheryl Daane Chesnut

In order to reach the balance between fragility and mobility Chesnut uses an eclectic mix of materials both inorganic and organic. In order to create such evanescent works with such depth requires layers and trust. Chesnut lets her work morph into its own as the metals surface and sweep across, as the transparent overlays encase levels of movement, and as the minerals glaze over in an icy film. Much like the natural essence they embody, the materials are the same yet each work comes out distinctly individual.

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