Hints of metallic, feathered silhouettes and pearly finishes set the scene for Thomas Swanston's dreamy aesthetic.

Thomas Swanston has taken the most fleeting moments found in nature and immortalized them through his elegant dreamscapes. The moments in question? Cranes in flight. 



Much of his inspiration has been gathered from the nature surrounding the town he calls home, Fulton, Georgia. Thomas feels deeply connected to the natural areas that have surrounded him for the last 25 years, spending much of his time learning the history, the creeks, ravines and more. 


"The recurring patterns of
sandhill crane migrations remind us of nature’s ability to renew and revive itself,
rhythmically changing, yet remaining stable and consistent through the seasons."


Through learning the ins and outs of Georgia's environment, Thomas discovered the beauty of Sandhill Crane migrations. These graceful and elusive creatures come together to take flight to warmer areas in the winter, returning to their chosen homes in the warmer seasons. Thomas points out a great beauty in this tradition, likening it to the spirit of human life. Generations change over the time, avid travelers see new parts of the world but always carry with them their special, nostalgic ideas of "home".


Thomas's artwork is a blending of all the ideas that make his heart sing; technology, nature, history, unique materials and more. This seamless harmony is evident when viewing his work. His palettes often showcase rich metallics, vibrant hues and subtle textures all beneath a satin finish. This sophisticated blending provides a dynamic result that a viewer can be swept away within. The movement of his dancer-like cranes evokes strong feelings of peace and confidence. There is a level of storytelling taking place that allows the viewer to see themselves and their journey laid out in front of them. Looking to the cranes for their innate wisdom, we can appreciate the idea of taking flight through Thomas Swanston's visionary works.

Thomas Swanston

Towards A Solitary Dream

Silver, Gold, Pewter, 22k Gold on Panel Board

60"H x 60"W

Thomas Swanston

The Clarity of Spiritual Flight

Aluminum on Panel Board

48"H x 48"W

Thomas Swanston

Passing Through

Acrylic, Silver and Gold on Panel

60"H x 60"W


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