Craig Alan - From Crayons to "What if?"


Craig Alan - how he got here and everything you need to know about his groundbreaking work.

The tell-tale signs of a true artist

For Atlanta-based painter, Craig Alan, the burning fire to create was ignited at a young age. He took crayons to his parents’ walls and from that point on was enraptured with the artistic process. Alan took art class after art class, excelling and yearning for more. 

This desire gathered force with his acceptance into the University of Mobile on a soccer scholarship. The University opened Craig Alan up to the wider world of art, one he hoped to stay in longer. 

A problem familiar to all artists reared its head -- the well-known obstacle of how to make money. But he refused to give up. Alan found a way to persevere, and he did so with creative flair. On weekends he drove to New Orleans, selling portraits to passers-by on the streets of the Big Easy. 

The cost of a Craig Alan original at the time? $15 for charcoal and $30 for watercolor! 

The tools of an innovator

Craig Alan craved more than part-time street art; he wanted to fascinate an audience in a new way. His way. His major in studio art and minor in theater helped challenge Alan to experiment with nontraditional materials and media. This intersection of skills pushed him to conceive of works that could stimulate viewers with complex interpretations of the human form and vibrant representations of reality.

Soon Alan’s strides gained accreditation, as he was not only granted a place at his University’s most prestigious exhibition but was also awarded for academic excellence. His style matured as his quest for a novel means of expression combined with his unique approach. This imbued his art with greater breadth and depth. 

He developed series ranging from abstract works that captivate the gaze to realistic pieces that tantalize the mind. 

Alan notes that his craft is a product of inspiration and that his “inspiration begins with what if.” That “what if” is a question with a new answer every time, because each piece engages in a singular manner. 

The results of hard work

Craig Alan has come a long way from crayons and street art. His work graces galleries across the nation and around the globe. Including here at Studio E Gallery. Craig Alan’s esteemed Populus series has found its way into the US Capitol Building and on screens throughout the world through advertisements and viral tributes. 

There is no need to ask yourself, “what if I could see Craig Alan’s art?" because Studio E Gallery displays work from all of his major series. Our interactive website allows you to see them virtually if you prefer that method. 

(Pro tip: Zoom in to see all the intricate details up close). 

Click the image below to see them yourself!


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