Nancy Reyner's artwork is a true feast for the eyes. She creates scenes that merge reality and dreams. Likening her process to an archaeologist on a dig, she uncovers her landscapes as if excavating them from her canvas. The entire process is a collaboration between the artist and the elements she brings to the canvas. Most often she uses gold leaf, oil paint, and acrylic paint. This combination of mediums creates layered paintings that are rich in textures, tones and maintain an overall dreamlike energy.


"Nature is my muse for inspiring luminous interpretations of air, water, earth and light." 

- Nancy Reyner


Nancy Reyner is originally from Philadelphia, PA. She now lives and works out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. She attributes a lot of her inspiration to her surrounding environment of the South West. She has over 30 years of painting experience under her belt, and enjoys using the skills she has learned along the way to help fellow artists. She hosts workshops and has written multiple best-selling books on painting. Needless to say, painting is her true passion and she fully immerses herself in the craft however she can. 


"Art is a rewarding pursuit that adds quality of life, and I share this passion in my art and with my students."

- Nancy Reyner


Not only does she approach her creative process like an excavation site, she also prioritizes having fun. Playfulness and enjoyment are integral parts of creativity for Nancy. This light-hearted, organic approach comes through in her effortless forms and playful interactions of color. She describes the scenes that she creates as a mix of "pure abstraction and realistic landscape" and it is this blending of worlds that makes her work so unique. 


"I paint exotic versions of heaven – places that are beautiful and meditative."

- Nancy Reyner


Nancy's mission as an artist? It's pretty simple, to bring the unseen in this world into the forefront and to share her passion with the students that she mentors. 


"The ability to dream and create new worlds, by taking a flat surface and transforming it into the illusion of 3D, is the gift that painters can bring to the world. With this concept of manipulating dimensions, a painter may point out something that already exists but in such a skillful manner that the viewer sees it in a brand new way."

- Nancy Reyner


Nancy Reyner

Timeless Beauty

Acrylic on Panel

48"H x 62"W

Nancy Reyner

Mountain Trail

Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Panel

48"H x 60"W


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