"There is a great satisfaction that comes to my soul after hours of working.


- Vesela Baker

Natural textures, soft tones, flows of organic movement; all of these elements are present in the abstracted florals that artist Vesela Baker creates. Aimed to inspire relaxed positive feelings, Vesela's artwork has gained the attention of private and commercial collections throughout the country.


Vesela is deeply immersed in her creative process. She longs for the intimate experience of watching her visions unfold and take on a life of their own. It is her focus on the process that allows for such organic shapes and stories to be uncovered on the wood panels that she enlists to house her creations. 


Although Vesela certainly has a signature style, she also plays around with color and composition often. It is this unique blending of elements that make experiencing Vesela's work a real treat. The subtle build up of soft textures creat the foundation for her romantic florals to dance. 


Vesela studied at the University of Art in Bulgaria. She is challenged to remember a time when art was not a part of her life. Her parents have told her they have memories of her painting and drawing before she was walking. Some of her most beloved childhood memories involve her losing track of time while creating art from any materials she might have had at her disposal. Needless to say, it comes as no surprise to hear how natural Vesela's relationship with artwork has always been. When viewing her work, her background comes alive. The natural symbiosis she has always shared with inspiration takes form through her paintings. 


"My paintings reflect my story; my past or present stories or the ones I create in my dreams."


Vesela mentions that she enjoys acrylic and watercolor as her materials of choice. The quick drying process allows her to release control over the outcome of each creation. 


"It forces me to see things from a different perspective and breaks my thought process so I can take a fresh approach."


Her work is inspiring and reflective of her personal story and laid back creative process.



Vesela Baker

Going Away to Summer 6

Acrylic on Wood

49"H x 38"W x 2.5"D






Vesela Baker

Going Away to Summer 1

Acrylic on Wood

72"H x 72"W x 2.5"D






Vesela Baker

Going Away to Summer 3

Acrylic on Wood

60"H x 48"W x 2.5"D







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