Lynn Johnson - Mark-making Florals


Spring Fever

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas

72"H x 60"W

The multi-interpretational subject of florals has been a largely utilized focus point for many artists throughout history, and continues to be a popular topic for artists today. However, nothing really comes close to the work of Lynn Johnson. Her loosely layered brush strokes paired with light washes and vigorously applied charcoal lines make her florals abstract and gestural, while still holding to the classic aesthetic of a serene still life. 

Growing up in a family that often relocated, Lynn had the ability to study new environments and different forms of nature. Her go-to medium actually began with a camera and a small sketchbook, documenting her surroundings and the organic interplay of everything she experienced. From then, she moved into using different gouaches and acrylic. As her interest in art increased, she decided to major in Fine Art and graduated with a BFA from Iowa State University.  

As society evolves and the demand for tech related careers increases, Lynn found herself working as a graphic designer after college. Feeling unfulfilled and not being given the proper arena to fully utilize her artistic skills, Lynn relocated to Georgia and began managing a prestigious gallery. She found herself surrounded by incredible masterpieces and clients that encouraged her to dive back into her painting, full time. Which is exactly what she did. 

Her works are big, fluid, and free. They center on exaggerated gestures and oversized brush strokes. You can almost envision her painting her pieces in a loosely-handed dance like form. She incorporates her roots of drawing by adding charcoal outlines periodically throughout her paintings in a subtle and understated way. Lynn herself expresses her love for the unplanned. She perfectly juxtaposes the delicateness of her floral subjects with the vigor of her mark makings. Furthermore, she draws inspiration from artists such as Joan Mitchell and Fairfield Porter, along with several others that focus on movement based abstract paintings. Her pieces have no plan or outline, she simply takes an idea and fearlessly runs with it. Incorporating oil, washes, and drawing tools, Lynn adds and subtracts from her pieces to reveal layers of unplanned dimension and color. 

"I combine a love for drawing and mark making with washes and fluid, broad brushstrokes. It’s a layering process, a dialogue of addition and subtraction, opacity and transparency. I prefer to let my medium do the talking. My process is one of spontaneity, very rarely is there a precise plan or expected outcome. As my artistic journey continues to evolve, I rely on my process and intuition to guide me. It is my aim to create original work in a fearless and expressive manner — one that reveals my imperfections and authenticity."

- Lynn Johnson

Times Two

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas

60"H x 60"W

Lemon Squeeze

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas

48"H x 48"W

Still Life with Poppies

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas

54"H x 54"W