Scott Upton - Sublime Texture, Striking Color


Nature Softly Whispers 

Mixed Media on Canvas

48"H x 72"W

Artist Scott Upton has rapidly become one of the most saught after abstract artists in the South. His work, which is obviously beautiful just by first glance, has an enigmatic element to it. You cant help but to look at it with curiousity as much as you do with initial appeal. 

Scott Upton uses nature as his main source of inspiration. The organic orchestratation of color and light in the forces that surround him are what encourage his work and give him an energetic source to draw from. He prefers to use a variety of more subtle and neautral colors accompanined by mediums and techniques that truly give each piece an inner glow. Upton has cleverly discovered how to make his work softly illuminate, replicated after the natural elements and glowiness of nature. 

Upton is notorious for using unusual mediums to achieve his signature style of abstract artwork. From a distance his pieces appear to have a painted element to them, but upon closer inspection you will find his art has a waxy coat that gives it a beautiful sheen and subtle texture. Not only that, but he scrapes and scratches away at his layers of paint and wax to reveal hidden suprises and understated tones underneath the surface.

Scott Upton's primary purpose in his work it to portray the colors and shapes of nature that have a direct relection on our emotions. And just as nature keeps changing and evolving, so does his work. The sublte nuances of organic colors give his work a sense of airiness to them, as each piece is an orgnic dance within themselves. His work truly is one of a kind and his career as an artist continues to gain traction all around the world as he is featured in multiple galleries and private collections, as well as several museums. 

"My painting process involves as much intuition as skill, and a surprising amount of sheer physical labor. To convey the emotional impact of change, time, weather, and light, I employ a wide range of techniques. I lay down rich fields of color, enhanced by many layers of transparent glazes. To intensify the effects of depth and mystery, I may use a foundation of metal leaf or applied textures. After building up a surface I then scar it or even scrape it away only to cover it over again with a new layer. I like “closing away” lower layers, except for scattered spots of color--a reminder that more is happening in a painting than what is perceived on the surface. I hope this process creates for the viewer a calm moment in which to reflect on what, in a larger sense, has been hidden from view."


Welcome the Warm Light 

Mixed Media on Canvas

48"H x 48"W

Morning Mist Clears

Mixed Media on Canvas

60"H x 72"W

Over Water

Mixed Media on Canvas

48"H x 48"W