Christopher Jeffries - Unearthing the Glory of Glass



Hand Blown Glass

42"H x 68"W x 3"D

Comprised of ornate designs and vivid coloration, the artwork of Christopher Jeffries is impossible to overlook. His intricate and carefully curated glass installations are understated, yet offer a beautiful space for the eye to rest on. With his years and years of high-end study with world renown glass artists and extensive time traveling abroad, Jeffries glass work bring culture, culture, and dimension.

Jeffries knew had was called to be a creative from a younger age, but honed in on specialized glass work following his college years. Graduating from Ohio State University with a degree in Fine Art, he then continued on to study sculpture in Florence, Italy. Being surrounded by such culturally diverse artwork sparked an interest in glassblowing, and the various and unique ways glass could be formed and manipulated. Jeffries then went to the Haystack School of Crafts in Mane where he perfected the ever-challenging incalmo technique, which is where two glass half-bubbles are formed separately, and then perfectly joined together to create a sealed and rounded piece of glass. This sparked the inspiration for his infamous wall installations he now shows in galleries and with private collectors all over the world. 

Later, Jeffries even had the opportunity to study under one of the country's most prominent glass professors, Katherine Gray. Afterwards, he continued on in his glassblowing education to the Czech Republic and studied under another famous glass professor, Igor Muller. Both teachers were pivotal in his education and gave him all the tools to have the successful career he has to this day.

With all of his travels and experiences with diverse techniques, Jeffries was able to take flight in his glassblowing career and create his own glass company called Jeffries Glass. Working in his studio, he creates memorizing multidimensional installations for galleries and private clients. His famous "Rock" series features bright and bold pebble-like glass pieces that cascade through its atmosphere. His work is soft and subtle but highly unique and recognizable as a "Jeffries Glass" installation. 

Lately, Jeffries has been moving away from bold color and has been focusing on more white/opaque installations. When installed on a purely white wall, his work beautifully transforms into more of a structural experience than a solo installation. 

Rock Wall (Color Pop)

Hand-blown Glass

50"H x 72"W x 5"D

Intersection Wall Series


36"H x 48"W x 4"D


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4600 PGA Blvd. Ste 101
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