Jennyfer Stratman - The Beauty of Bronze


The Crack In The Universe Where My Garden Grows 2

Bronze, Steel and Pigment

40"H x 83"W x 5.50"D

The bronze-work of Jennyfer Stratman confounds everything we love about art: delicacy, presence, and interpretation. Her intricate designs evoke the desire to ask...can this truly be metal? 

Born and raised in Arizona, Stratman was instantly pulled by the need to search for a deeper beauty. She began her studies at Arizona State University, originally focusing in ceramics. She quickly felt the limitations of working with such a fragile medium and wanted to see where else her creative mind could take her. She began dabbling with bronze and found exactly what she was looking for, which was the perfect avenue to create and design exactly what she felt. As Stratman herself states, her aim is to create artwork that is rich with emotion, content, and form. You'll find her creating and designing landscapes, scenes, abstract and even figurative work. She is most known for the rich matte blue paint she adds to some of her pieces, making them take on an identity of their own.

Stratman draws inspiration from the organic connection we have to the natural world. Her figures have the textures of trees and leaves, giving them a lengthened, slender branch-like appearance. By doing this, Stratman aims to convey the primordial attribute humanity inherently attains. All of us are a part of nature, and nature is a part of us.
She understands the complex connection between earth, and ourselves.

Currently, she works as a full time artist in both the United States and Australia. She has been featured in solo exhibitions all across the world as her work continues to soar. She also has her work in galleries in the United States, England and Austrailia. Ranging from stand-alone sculptures to triptych wall installations, Stratman's work never ceases to amaze and continues to impress. 

"Transforming my experience and interpretation of the world into the visual language of sculpture is what inspires me to create. I aim to construct artwork rich with emotion, content and form.

My work reveals a personal journey by exploring the interior landscape of the psyche and how that resonates with my experience of the exterior world. My work is a continued exploration of interconnections between everything from the subatomic to the galactic, expressed primarily through figuration and natural elements.

The narrative qualities in my work evoke an emotional response that speaks broadly about the experience of being human. All of us have a primordial knowledge of the universe locked inside our bodies that is manifest in our varied ways of viewing our world and beyond. For me, expressed through my sculpture, it is my way of understanding the cosmos and my small part in it."

- Jennyfer Stratman

Inherited Memory

Bronze, Stainless Steel & Pigment

23.50"H x 7"W x 5.50"D

Giving Tree


28.50"H x 5.50"W x 5.50"D

She Knew She Was A Tree

 Bronze & Steel

26"H x 7"W x 5.50"D


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