Takefumi Hori: The Geometry of Gold and Silver
Circles. We see these shapes every day, don’t we? But, we don’t recognize the simplistic beauty and tranquility they attain. We can’t say the same for artist Takefumi Hori.
Nicole Katsuras: Painting Outside the Lines
Just one look is never enough for the work of Nicole Katsuras. Every glance leads to several more, and suddenly the eye is transfixed by the elaborate and beautiful mark-makings that are detailed enough to capture and ultimately memorize every viewer...
Ruth Bloch: Something Pure
Ruth Bloch is one of Israel's most prized bronze sculptors. In this mini feature we share some of her incredible story and process that has helped elevate her to one of Studio E Gallery's most accomplished and collected artists.
Sheryl Daane Chesnut: Natural Phenomena
California artist, Sheryl Daane Chesnut makes mixed media work using a combination of acrylics, charcoal and oil sticks, spray paint, and gold and silver leaf to create ethereal paintings that intentionally blur the line between abstract and representational.
Chase Langford: Landscapes re-Imagined
Los Angeles painter, Chase Langford, has a fascination with the portrayal of landscapes through art that dates back thousands of years in both Western and Chinese art.
Jane Maxwell - Tailored Not Tossed
“Uniquely their own” is the perfect description for Jane Maxwell’s art pieces. Found papers and ripped-apart billboards drape Maxwell’s figures. They fearlessly redefine not just the media they flaunt but the standards they defy.
Craig Alan - From Crayons to "What if?"
Ohhhh, you're going to want to click and read this one. Craig Alan's fascinating history awaits . . .
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