About Us

The Gallery

Studio E Gallery has been in business for over 20 years serving a wide range of contemporary fine art to South Florida and beyond!

Our Mission

We all serve one another. That’s our philosophy. If we serve you well, you will spread the word about Studio E, and by doing so, you enable today’s artists to continue their creative work.

For the Community

Studio E offers its space for charitable events — as a way of giving back to the wonderful community which has given so much to all of us.


Wherever possible, we recycle ink cartridges, batteries, technology, shipping products, repurpose wood, cardboard, bubble wrap, peanuts and other packing material. This is good for the environment and good for you, lowering your packing costs. This is why we are consistently lower in packaging costs than mainstream shipping companies.

Studio E Team

The Team

Studio E Gallery is proud to have a warm, charming and knowledgeable team of art experts and enthusiasts at the helm of our ship.

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Artwork In Situ in Clients Spaces and Homes

The Spaces

A gallery is a temporary destination for the art inside of it. The spaces they move on to occupy become their forever home.

This is the area you can find our past works in the homes and offices they now reside in.

Artists in Action Studio E Gallery Studio Shots

The Artists in Action

Our artists put a lot of time, effort and energy into crafting their pieces. We think it's just as cool to see how they make them!

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