Kim Schuessler: Artist to Watch

For years on end, Kim Schuessler has been one of Studio E Gallery’s most in-demand artists. Not only is her work sought out globally, but her paintings are inspired by her worldly travels. The artist has studied and mastered her craft from Atlanta to France, Italy to Hong Kong, and now at her current residence in Puerto Rico. Each time she relocates her work evolves — taking tones, themes and subtle touches of influence from the cultures she’s immersed in. Her complex collage paintings evoke a sense of human emotion that speak of joy, growth and love.

Kim Schuessler's "Look Both Ways 1" Acrylic on Canvas
Kim Schuessler’s “Look Both Ways 1”

Schuessler’s paintings are filled with love and family. Growing up in Atlanta with two sisters, both of whom are also painters, Kim has always been surrounded by family and art. These two themes are ever present in her vast catalogue of work.

“My greatest goal is staying focused. Life has many distractions, but I am trying to pursue my passion for art while also supporting my amazing family. These two goals keep me incredibly busy, which I love. I want the world to know that I am about family, hard work, gratitude, commitment, determination, and perseverance. I am about pursuing your passion, finding joy in everyday occurrences and finding love in those you cherish.”

Kim Schuessler's "Moving Forward" Acrylic on canvas
Kim Schuessler’s “Moving Forward”

Kim’s colorful canvases and collages often showcase beautiful snapshots of the simple moments of a girl’s journey into womanhood — a first dance, a ballet recital, a wedding. The quaint and quiet minutes of our lives.

Studio E Gallery is grateful to consider Kim a part of our family. Only a few select galleries represent Kim Schuessler — to be exhibiting her latest round of artwork this season is a real honor.

Click here to email us to set up an appointment, or just come on in to the gallery at our Palm Beach Gardens location — but do it quickly, before all the Schuesslers have been snatched up!

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