Sculptor Mark Yale Harris Reveals Monument

Mark Yale Harris's Awakening III Monument inside of Studio E Gallery

“The purpose of my artwork is to provoke a perceptual, internal, and intellectual response for the viewer; A visual that speaks to life’s experiences. To create symbols of universal connection and the relationship that one has to another and to nature.” – Sculptor Mark Yale Harris

Legendary Colorado-based sculptor Mark Yale Harris has just delivered one of his most significant pieces to Studio E Gallery: “Awakening III (Monument)”

This bronze sculpture is a stunning addition to Mr. Harris’s Awakening series, a theme he has spent the better part of two decades crafting to perfection:

“I’m in constant pursuit of a better way to interpret my views of the human experience.”

Using bronze to encapsulate his views, Mark breathes life into his piece making “Awakening III (Monument)” a stand-out work for either the outdoors or the interior of a home or office.

Awakening III Bronze Sculpture
Mark Yale Harris’s piece “Awakening III (Monument)” outside.

“I was always drawn to three-dimensional art,” says Harris. “So that’s what I collected over the years, until finally I had too much of it. Then I began creating it myself.”

With more than 250 exhibitions to his credit, Harris’s sculptures have been the focus of over 80 solo museum and international shows. One Hundred+ publications — books, magazines, newspapers — have featured his sculpture over the past decade.

In addition, ARTWORKinternational Inc. Press published Mark Yale Harris: Figurative Abstractions in 2010 and Mark Yale Harris: Untamed in 2011 as part of their Acclaimed Artist Series. As well, Mark Yale Harris, A Retrospective was published in 2006, updated and reissued in 2013. All three books document the important works created thus far in this sculptor’s career.

“As I work through the creative process of visualizing, drawing, or forming a maquette in clay, I utilize a sixth sense I feel through my hands. I am able to draw upon the subconscious of my experiences and, in-turn, interpret gesture, form, energy, pleasure and pain. Alternating between gesture and geometric form, depicting the contradiction we experience in nature, awakening in the viewer an appreciation of the duality in the world around us.”

Studio E Gallery is thrilled to be able to represent such an amazing talent. If you are interested in seeing more of Mark Yale Harris’s work, click here! 

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